Do you ever feel like the world is trying desperately to mold and shift you into "who" or "what" everyone else expects you to be?

And then you're left feeling "not good enough," exhausted, and unfulfilled...


Me too love!! 


We all need a space where we can be free and SUPER weird!


So here, you are celebrated exactly for who you are!


Welcome to the CreateJoy Family!


We hope you find your next Soul Sister!!!

Remember how we would ask "why?" all the time when we were little girls?

Did an adult ever respond to your questions with,

"because I said so"?


Well guess what, girlfriend...

You're in charge now!


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As humans we have a deep primal desire to be seen, but by WHO and WHY is that important!!? Join me as we dive into the “Secret In Being Seen!!”



I felt so welcome last week when I was a guest, that I asked Jenna for information about the sisterhood right away! So excited to be here!

Sara O.

Dana G.

I was content with living in my "funk" but now I know that's ridiculous!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Jenna's choice to shine her light gave me permission to shine mine! After years of being worried that I would be rejected if I dared to embrace ALL that I truly am, the space she has created for me and for the women in this community is a breath of fresh air! This is BY FAR the most genuine acceptance I've ever experienced!

Summer W.

Do you just need some love? Tell us where to reach you!

Do you just need some love?    Tell us where to reach you!